Renee Thompson Fine Art

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SOLD paintings


Prints and greeting cards of these works of art can be purchased at:

Brilliance Pink Jelly Lavender Honey sweet wild hare Poppies & Grasshopper
Sunset Iris Green Goddess Good Morning Red Fox Yellow Jelly
rosy bunny blue angel Blue Orchid Dreams of FLight Hydrangea
healing buckeye butterfly and dandelion seed pod Magnolia and Sphinx Moth Thank You Frida Bright Eyes Goat
Helleborus and Celtic knots Egret and Poppies Learning to Fly Support bumble bee and sunflowers
Imbolc calla lily and tree frog oriental poppy red eyed tree frog ladybug and leaves
warbler birds and daffodils orchids and dragonfly tree frog and poppies tanager birds and dogwood lead the way
pregnant fairy avocet bird and queen anns lace ruby and eva Pink Orchid barn swallow bird and sunflowers
Samhain Kylie Moth yellow beetle best friends
    sanderling bird ajax the dog orchids